Elisa aka DJ BIRCH is multigenre DJ with a heart for ardent energies somewhere between carefree sensuality, heart-broken sentiments and mad rage. Her style incorporates trippy rhythms, soulful sounds and dubby bassline heaters while getting lost in slow, mid and high tempo areas. DJ BIRCH's sets encompass filthy provocations, social criticism and an energetic, sensual attitude.
When not DJing, she works as an AI Ethicist and tries out producing and rapping.
Grime / Trap / Dubstep / Hip Hop / Phonk /
UK House / UK Techno / Broken EDM / DNB /
UK Garage / Hyperpop / Ketapop / Bedroom Breakz / Avantpop / others

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DJ BIRCH / BRCH / BiRCH / MTHR BRCH / birch5000 / m. birch / mother birch / Mutter Birke / elsman5000 / namsle / elsmaster / elliminator